The School of Continuing Education (SCE), subordinate college of Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT), commits to develop the teaching and management of continuing education on behalf of SIT. By relying on the abundant educational resources of SIT, and in the need of national economic construction and social development, SCE has succeeded in promoting a diverse and distinctive mix of education system with the objective to prepare high-level applied technology talents. The SCE provides students of all ages with varied options for academic and professional education, including adult education for both bachelor’s and associate’s degree, modern distance education, on-the-job graduates education, international language education, vocational trainings and guidance curriculum for self –taught examinations, etc.. After more than ten years exploration and development, its total enrollment of adult students and distance education students amounts to 6000 plus respectively. And there are about 130 part-time graduates. According to the statistic, more than 20000 people are benefiting from the non-academic training courses annually. Upholding the motto of “to provide the highest quality of education in a way that is student-centered and oriented towards market demands”, the SCE responds to the increasing demand of the market by enhancing individual competencies both in management and technology. SCE at Shanghai Institute of Technology has won a good reputation and is titled as“the National Advanced Organization for Adult Education among Regular Higher Education Schools”.


Furthermore, several types of national and local examinations are hosted by SCE, such as PETS(Public English Test System) NCRE (National Computer Rank Examination)the National Patent Agent Qualification Examinationthe National Certified Safety Professional Qualification Examinationthe Enterprise Legal Consultant Qualification Examination, etc.. Every year, over 30000 people take examinations in our school.


In addition to offering degree programs, the school boasts featured projects which include training for flight attendants and air transport services, for which SCE has established several training centers, such as the Air Flight Training CenterAir Transportation Service Training CenterCATA China Air Transport Association Education training base in Shanghai. Thereby SCE has been cultivating an optimal workforce in the airline industry. 

In this new era, the SCE insists on maintaining the equal development for both academic education and high-levelled continuing education. The school endeavors to further improving the education quality trough optimizing teaching content and curriculum system, as well as enhancing teaching management. To support the national economy and society with talents and intelligence, and provide people with qualified educational services, the SCE continues to expand industry-school- research cooperation and explore new path for adult education and continuing education while making efforts to construct a lifelong education system and create a learning community.





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