School of Continuing Education (SCE)of Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT) , an important platform which provides educational service for the society, a vital channel through which a life-long educational system and a society featured by learning are both constructed. Working in close conjunction with bachelors education, graduate education as well as with vocational college education, SCE has gradually developed a framework that SIT boasts to foster technological talents for the country.


By taking the fullest advantage of the resources that SIT possesses, closely sticking to SITs mission and vision, namely cultivating high-level and application-oriented personnel, SCE has already shaped a multi-layer, multi-form and multi-channel educational framework consisting of degree and non-degree courses for adult students, modern distance learning, international education, staff training for both enterprises and institutions, vocational technical training and examinations for those who teach themselves, among others. The persevering efforts made in the past decade or so has helped SCE to develop itself to a considerable shape in which adult degree students has amounted to approximately 10,000, the number of students learning in of modern distance education mode has reached about 10,000, the students studying in international education section are added up to 300. Besides, there are about 20,000 person-times trainees receiving the technical and managerial training annually.  


In addition to what has been mentioned above, SCE has committed itself to hosting examinations of various kinds, which include National Standardized Examination for Enrolling Postgraduate Candidates, IELTS, National Standardized PETS and National Computer Grade Examination , all of which have approximately 50,000 persons per year.


With Training Center for Flight Attendants and Training Center for Aviation & Transportation Service subordinated to SCE, the School collaborate closely with China Air Transport Association to foster a large number of flight attendants and aviation transportation personnel with practical skills and professional competences.


By consistently adhering to the principles of taking the needs from enterprises, institutions and society as its guide, focusing on the needs of students and regarding the quality of education as its lifeline, SCE has steadfastly and continuously abided by and worked for the economic developmental strategy of Shanghai and the rest of the country. With its unremitting endeavor and relentless explorations, SCE has outdone many of its counterparts with its characteristic features, thus achieving outstanding reputations in society and receiving the awards of National Advanced Continuing Education College and Outstanding School for Adult Continuing Education in Shanghai.       


With fresh new threshold as its new starting point in the modern era, SCE will, as usual, firmly implement the developmental strategy of both the country and the local region, conscientiously assume the social responsibility that a tertiary school should shoulder and take professionalization, internationalization, high-end realization and informatization as its lofty aim. SCE will also continue to develop its degree education and high-layer continuing education simultaneously, optimize teaching content and perfect course structure, strengthen educational management, enhance teaching quality. SCE will firmly make greater efforts to explore entirely new approaches in its endeavor to collaborate among production, teaching and research and to search for new approaches and ways to conduct adult education, continuing education and life-long education. SCE will vigorously develop its international education programs with a view to providing all-round, multi-layer and high-end personnel who will be expected to work for the sustainable growth of the national economy.


By following devotedly the orientation that SIT has set for itself, namely developing SIT into a high-level tertiary school of applied technology (Fachhochschule) which will enjoy much reputation among tertiary schools the world over, SCE will exert itself to contribute itself to the economic growth of Shanghai and the rest of the country as well, to the construction of life-long learning education framework and to the formation of a society where learning become prevalent in society at large.